Life's busy, but we still have to eat...

Welcome to The No Time Cook, a website dedicated to those of us whose lives are so busy, it feels like we have no time to cook at all. But you and I both know that regardless of how little time we feel we have, we still need to take that time to prepare and cook our meals on a daily basis. This website aims to help us with ideas and recipes to help us get out meals in with as little time as possible so that we can save that time for life. Oh and keep our taste buds interested too as we do our best to keep the meals we prepare and eat as healthy and tasty as possible.

To make all of this easier and preserve the flavor and taste of our "hard work", I like to use a vacuum sealer. So check that out if you don't already have one.Otherwise, head straight to the time saving recipes page.

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If you've got a great idea, useful tip, or a great time saving recipe, then please share it with me and the rest of the readers who are busy just like you. Use my contact form to send it to my email. Thank you!

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